Storm Damage

Natural disasters are unexpected and they can be devastating to our lives and our homes. AirDrop Restoration and Construction is a full-service company that can help with all of the repairs needed after a big storm. Immediate attention is necessary when your home has incurred damage and our trained staff can help you get back on your feet from fires, structural damage, flooding and more. Our emergency restoration services include:
-24-hour emergency response
-Temporary power setup
-Removal of debris
-Odor removal
-Drying and cleaning
-Water extraction
-Emergency board up service within 60 minutes, guaranteed

The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Storm Damage
-Do call for immediate assistance. This will prevent further damage to your property.
-Stay safe if there are floodwaters or downed power lines outside.
-Stick with flashlights for light if you have them. Matches, candles and open flames can be dangerous if there is a gas leak you are oblivious to.
-Check your appliances, gas lines and electrical lines for damage.
-Have a water inspection done before using your water if there has been a flood in your home or area.
-Ventilate your home appropriately after a storm has passed.
-Remove yourself from the home if you notice a creaking or cracking sound coming from the upstairs or roof area.

-Do not use tap water in your home until you have been given the all clear that it is safe.
-Do not consume any food products that have come into contact with flood water.
-Do not bring generators inside of your home. Keep them outside at all times.
-Do not turn on electrical items if they are wet or if their structural integrity has been compromised.
-Do not go into rooms that have water damaged ceilings or sagging ceilings.

It is important to contact a professional disaster recovery response team when something like this occurs. It can be very dangerous to deal with fallen trees, down electrical lines and such, all on your own. The sooner you give us a call here at AirDrop Restoration and Construction, the sooner we can help assess what has occurred and get to work.