Mold Removal

Every person who owns a home knows that mold forming in their house is unavoidable. Mold removal is something that needs to occur on a regular basis to be effective. Small amounts of mold need to be cleaned immediately so it doesn’t turn into a big infestation that could become a struggle to control.

Mold removal of small amounts can easily be done by using common household cleaning products. Larger amounts of mold can affect a homeowner’s health, especially if their immune system is weakened or they suffer from allergies.

Mold removal may require the homeowner to take serious measures in order to protect themselves and their families. Depending on the size and type of mold discovered, it may be best to contact professionals to deal with the situation.

When a homeowner detects a moldy substance that is a greenish black color, they must take immediate steps to remove it. This is called black mold and is extremely toxic and very lethal.

Black mold removal is essential as it is responsible for a variety of health problems. It can cause a person to experience severe headaches, asthma, urinary tract infections and more. Health officials claim that black mold can be directly linked to over 100 different lung conditions.

If a homeowner wants to perform black mold removal on their own, there are certain things they should know.

They should not scrape the black mold as this will release spores into the air. Before performing the removal they need to cover themselves completely, including goggles, protective gloves and use a filter dust mask. They should seal off affected areas with plastic and tape. They should carefully clean the area with soap and water and place any affected materials in a plastic bag and seal it. The should then apply a disinfectant on the area where the mold was located, as well as the surrounding areas.

There are a variety of products that can be used to disinfect after black mold removal such as vinegar, tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract.

One of the best ways to handle black mold is through prevention. It’s important to control a home’s dampness. Homeowners can use paint that contains mildewcide, which prevents mold and mildew. Stopping leaks and making sure a home is properly ventilated are just some of the things that can be done to lessen the chances of a home developing black mold.